What is it?

Mobile learning leverages learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. While e-learning could be location bound, mobile learning allows one to attend lectures, read, and ask questions potentially from anywhere and at any time. Mobile content is accessible from almost all places with the added attribute of being collaborative. Mobile learningoriginally referred to the use of laptop computers for learning now extends to smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc), tablets (iPad, Nexus7, etc) and other similar gadgets.

Why is it important?

There has never been a technology as available to citizens as mobile telephony and very soon, mobile learning will have more takers than any other form of education. Mobile education has great potential to reach every corner of the world. The use of mobile technologies in education is moving from small-scale and short-term courses into evolved and blended learning projects. Just-in-time learning is apt for mobile technology due to the short and precise nature of this type of learning. The ease of use and personal factor add to the charm of mobiles and other hand held devices. In fact, mobile devices have taken learning to individuals and countries that were previously too distant, socially or geographically.

How can we help?

Techtrain develops different types of mobile learning content to fit in with the unique lifestyle of today’s students and employees. Text chat, surveys, tests, messages and voice-based content are used effectively in mobile learning. Our skilled team also develops a range of just-in-time learning modules for mobile education. In healthcare, mobile learning includes continuing medical education, emergency medical decision support, and medical reference. Mobile devices provide a handy communication medium and a portable means of electronic information sharing for collaborative learning.

Mobile learning content designed by Techtrain is also being used in combination with traditional methods, such as paper-based materials, lectures and so on. With the use of apps, videos, audios and interactivity that are specially designed for mobiles, we create mobile learning that is truly engaging and customized.

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