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PMP® certification globally recognizes that you possesses project management knowledge,
experience and skills to bring projects to successful completion

PMP® Classroom + Online Training

  • 4 day classroom training
  • 35 PMI contact hours for Project Management Examination eligibility
  • E-learning module , which has complete PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition in very informative video format
  • Role Play, games and case studies engage participants in active discussions
  • 60+ hours video content covering 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups
  • 21 ready to use templates on Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement and stakeholder.
  • 1400+ assessment questions include:
    • 4 Full length simulation exams
    • Practice questions for each PMBOK knowledge area
    • Practice questions for project management tools & techniques and for knowledge & skills
  • Discussion forum access where participants can share their practical experiences.
  • Support in Filling PMP® Application Form
  • 120 days online course access
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Course Outline

PMP® Exam Prep: Course Overview

The 4-Day PMP-Prep classroom course is structured with the goal of providing students exactly what they need to pass the PMP exam. Coursework is focused on the key topics and knowledge areas required for success on the exam. Our study strategy will increase comprehension and retention of key elements, while also providing students with practical information that can be applied immediately to the project work environment.

Techtrain provides the Most Comprehensive and Highest Quality PMP-Prep Classroom Training, which includes:

  • 200+ page Techtrain PMP-Prep Workbook
  • Chapter and Final Test Workbooks with PMP exam style questions
  • Quick Reference Guide, Process Chart Worksheets and Study Aids
  • Two month Complimentary Access to Techtrain 100% online course (includes 800+ practice questions with detailed explanations AND 4 full-length simulated exams)
  • Valuable exam-taking tips
  • 35 PMI® approved contact hours

Course content (Based on PMBOK® Guide – 5th edition):

The course content covers PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition concepts and includes Professional Responsibility. Several topics which are not included in the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition but about which questions are regularly asked in the PMP exam are also covered. There is an optimal balance between PMP exam prep and understanding concepts for practical application.

    1. Introduction
      • About PMI and PMP exam
      • Exam-Taking Tips
      • Course Overview
      • Process Chart
    2. Project Management Framework
      • What is a project?
      • Project Stakeholders
      • Organizational Structure
      • Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle
    3. Project Integration Management
      • Overview of Project Integration
      • Develop Project Charter
      • Develop Project Management Plan
      • Direct and Manage Project Work
      • Monitor and Control Project Work
      • Perform Integrated Change Control
      • Close Project or Phase
    4. Project Scope Management
      • Overview of Project Scope Management
      • Plan Scope Management
      • Collect Requirements
      • Define Scope
      • Create WBS
      • Validate Scope
      • Control Scope
    5. Project Time Management
      • Overview of Project Time Management
      • Plan Schedule Management
      • Define Activities
      • Sequence Activities
      • Estimate Activity Resources
      • Estimating Activity Durations
      • Develop Schedule
      • Control Schedule
    6. Project Cost Management
      • Overview of Project Cost Management
      • Plan Cost Management
      • Estimate Costs
      • Determine Budget
      • Control Costs
    7. Project Quality Management
      • Overview of Project Quality Management
      • Plan Quality Management
      • Perform Quality Assurance
      • Control Quality
    8. Project Human Resource Management
      • Overview of Project Human Resource Management
      • Plan HR Management
      • Acquire Project Team
      • Develop Project Team
      • Manage Project Team
    9. Project Communication Management
      • Overview of Project Communication Management
      • Plan Communications Management
      • Manage Communications
      • Control Communications
    10. Project Risk Management
      • Overview of Project Risk Management
      • Plan Risk Management
      • Identify Risks
      • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      • Plan Risk Responses
      • Control Risks
    11. Project Procurement Management
      • Overview of Project Procurement Management
      • Plan Procurement Management
      • Conduct Procurements
      • Control Procurements
      • Close Procurements
    12. Project Stakeholder Management
      • Overview of Project Stakeholder Management
      • Identify Stakeholders
      • Plan Stakeholder Management
      • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
      • Control Stakeholder Engagement
    13. Professional Responsibility
      • Professional Responsibility
    14. Review & Final Evaluation Test
      • Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters
      • Final Test Questions
      • End of Course Questions/Next Steps

Eligibility criteria for becoming a PMP

Q. Why should I work towards PMP® certification?
A: PMP® – Project Management Professional is Project management credential offered by PMI®- Project Management Institute. It is a globally accepted project management framework.

Q. Will I get any PDUs after your training programs?
A: Yes, the students will get 35 Contact hours / PDUs after completion of the PMP® class training program.

Q. Do I need to avail the membership of PMI® first and then PMP® training?
A: Either can be done first, you can take membership and then training or vice versa.

Q. Will you help me in filling the PMP® certification form and checking my supporting documents?
A: Yes, we provide support to our students in filling PMP® application forms and other necessary formalities.

Q. For how long I will have access to post training support till I appear for the final PMP® exam?
A: We provide support till the student doesn’t appear for the certification exam.

Q. Will the success rate affects if I give pause after training and appear for the exam?
A: Yes, it is advisable not to give long pause between training and certification exam.

Q. Does the training fee include the fee for PMP® exam too?
A: No, training program fees do not include exam fees.